Individual Therapy

Individual psychotherapy is a transformative experience. Through the collaborative relationship between therapist and client, you will come to a clearer understanding of your emotional and life goals and identify the obstacles that stand in the way of a more fulfilling life. In the context of a confidential and empathic relationship, you can expect to be fully engaged and challenged to actively change the behaviors or beliefs that keep you stuck.

Through a combination of supportive listening, constructive feedback, and a variety of mindfulness and cognitive tools, you will be able to improve your communication in intimate relationships, enhance your ability to deal with stress and address mood related issues.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is one of the most effective therapeutic modalities. In a manner not available in any other format, members see in” real time” how they behave in relationships and the impact it has others. Fellow group members become your own “ board of directors” for designing the life you want to live. Both therapist and group members are a source of support as well as honest feedback.

Group therapy enables you to express yourself more directly and honestly and to listen more deeply and compassionately. You will learn to be more confident as you see yourself more clearly, developing skills that will transfer to every part of your life.

Couples Therapy

Being in a couple is both deeply satisfying and extremely challenging. Couples therapy can be an opportunity to work on longstanding issues and to nurture and cultivate your relationship.
With a trained couples therapist, you and your partner will learn to calmly hear each of your complaints and come to understand each of your contribution to conflicts. In this honest and safe environment, you will gain sensitivity to old hurts from childhood that are negatively impacting your current relationship and work towards a more trusting, intimate and communicative partnership.

Couples Group Therapy

Couples Group Therapy is an opportunity to further develop and strengthen your relationship. Couples are able to share experiences together and reflect over similar complex issues. The feedback and support of the couples group becomes indispensable as you collectively work towards building healthy and mutually satisfying relationships.

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